The heat, the heat
My wings, they beat
So fast I fly
The spring to meet.

The sea to meet
I pound my feet
The fire’s behind
The heat, the heat.

The heat, the grass
I did not know
When I set out
How fast it’d grow.

How fast they grow
The flames, I flee
My child in hand
To touch the sea.

Above the sea
I must not rest
I’ll be too late
To build my nest.

I must not rest
Or pause for breath
Though breath is pain
To stop is death.

To stop is death
I flap, I fly
The sun’s hot rays
Stretch out the sky.

Smoke hides the sky
I flap, I fly
My feet, so sore
I trip, I lie.

I land, I lie
Too tired to nest
I tuck my head
Against my breast.

Against my breast
I fold my child
We shelter close
The flames grow wild.

The plants grow wild
My child should eat.
Where is my child?
The heat, the heat.

The heat, I try
To lift my feet,
So tired, the heat
The heat, the heat.

Image Thermos / CC BY-SA 2.5

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